Step into our boutique and you will be taken back to a time when people take the trouble to appreciate the finer things in life. It goes beyond instant gratification of needs and wants but a fulfilment of your personal sartorial journey.  A realization of what you have achieved, who you are and how you can express that through what you wear unabashedly.   You will be surprised by the many possibilities open up to you.

Step out of our boutique and you will experience a newfound confidence as you come into realization of what your wardrobe can do in bringing out the best in you.  This is only possible because we believe in a consultative approach to discover what colours fit you, which form defines you and what most importantly how to dress to feel (and of course look) your best.

Nothing less. 

What is the PIMABS experience?

PIMABS Experience
Jerald Foo
Eric Lew
Ken Loon
Jay Newton
Adam Fowler
Edmund & Edwin
Dick Lee
Jim Lim