PIMABS Bespoke Menswear

A pioneer in the bespoke menswear arena in Singapore, Leslie Chia introduced PIMABS to Singaporean men in 2004; Men who recognize the importance of well-designed menswear. The word bespoke not only describes the discipline and mastery of traditional old school tailors but it encompasses stylish and current designs. It carries bespoke menswear into a different realm recognizing that no two individuals are alike in style, function and personality. Each piece is unique and relevant. Designed and crafted to fit each unique client.






The PIMABS man is someone who seeks individualism and classic elegance in their sartorial style. He respects the roots and principles of fine bespoke tailoring juxtaposed with a taste for individualistic but sensible design details. He is affluent and enjoys the finer things in life; dressing is an expression of his personality, status and his love for the best and finest.

  • Leslie Chia
    Founder/Creative Director

    “Fashion is now. Style is evergreen. A good design encompasses both fashion and style through a disciplined approach to clothes making which must essentially be aesthetically and functionally superior.”

    Madly inspired by the principles of Architecture, Leslie Chia creates designs that strike an optimal balance between form and function. Functional insofar in that his bespoke apparels are highly wearable with workmanship steeped in the discipline of traditional master tailors. He achieves impeccable form through an innate knowledge of trends, astute foresight and an intimate knowledge of his clients' individualism.

"GROOMS" Weddings by PIMABS

Fronted with PIMABS, Leslie's wedding suits are known for its style and impact. A simple tuxedo is never ordinary with his eye for details. A flamboyant wedding suit is never over the top with his disciplined design philosophy. For the groom, the suit is always on point with his personality and theme of the wedding. Leslie's spirit in designing wedding suits is that the groom is as deserving to look his best as the bride.